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Name: multi-blade saws MDJ-2006

    This device can according to user's requirements, sawing standard and non-standard plate. Before and after the two groups, one group of feed roller, among the automatic feeding, according to the actual situation, the user with more pieces of special alloy blades, once a 10-20 pieces, continuous process, need not sawing plate, and the average adult can operate, single day (8 hours) production capacity of 250-300 square meters, and saws, bypassing the smooth cut pressure planing economic interests, processing. Is the joinery board factory, attrib wattle refers to the next board factory and packing, processing carpentry board, sandwich boards in the next board and board for the ideal equipments.

Name:The crystal engraves grinds the machine

    That machine is bead form that crystal ball that current advanced micro-computer crystal machine,, can complete automatically the crystal engrave and grind, throw the light, grinding the circular many layer, manies, usage convenience, the operation is simple, and also can according to customer of demand, the crystal that make to order the other shape product, is a crystal manufacturing profession inside of engrave ideally grind the machine.

Power supply: 380vV50 HZ             Total power:5.5 KWs

Name: Process the machine of the hole
Name:Single-fried tea machine

Type: 6CC-LL1800R
This machine adopts electronic automatic temperature control, presume according to regulating,automatically controlled temperature.The installed capacity is large,fry and make the tea of top-grade flat section ,big peasant family or producer of the suitable foring amount,can parch about 1-1.5 kilograms of tea per hour.

Name:Handbag line rope a machine

This machine is a specialized machine for different kinds of shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile,which is perfectly designed with advanced moulds.It changed the complicated technics of processing,it combined shaping plastic pieces and tying up together.What's more,it is also equipped with advanced counting devices,which multiplied the production efficiency.It is an ideal machine for the production of shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile.

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